natural water

Perfect for the home or office location where floor space is limited.

Available in Hot & Cold Cooler or Room & Cold Cooler varieties, there is an option for every need.

The Bench Top Hot & Cold Water Cooler is powered by an impressive LG compressor, dispensing 1.5L of hot and over 5L of cold water per 30 minutes.

This state of the art water cooler also includes a child safe hot tap and an on / off hot safety switch.

Annual rental is $110 (incl. GST).

That is great value at just over $2 per week.

The Bench Top Room & Cold Water Cooler is also powered by an LG compressor, dispensing 5 litres of water every 30 minutes.

The room temperature tap allows you to vary the temperature of your water to suit everyone in the home or office.

Annual rental is just $110 (incl. GST), an investment of just over $2 per week.

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